What are the commissions and what do they do at SHS?

There are a total of five commissions at Saratoga High School. These are made up of Dance Commission, Homecoming & Spring Fling Commission, Rally Commission, Spirit and Athletics Commission, and Outreach Commission. Below, you can find out more information about the commissions, and who is involved with each commission. The names in bold are the head commissioners.

Dance Commission

Marissa Leong

Connor Reyes

Jolyn Tran

Nicole Wong

The Dance Commission handles all dances of the ASB. They start meeting at least two weeks out from each dance and are in charge of publicity, decorations, disk jockeys, pricing, booking the venue, etc. They will work in conjunction with the Homecoming/Spring Fling Commission, and the ASB (Winter Ball) for specialty dances.

Homecoming/Spring Fling Commission

Jishing Yu

Kate Bossi

Andrew Zheng

Anya Srivats

The Homecoming/Spring Fling Commission plans two major events: Homecoming during the fall and Spring Fling during the spring. The commission plans the Homecoming Week festivities and works with the Dance Commission for the culminating dance. They are in charge of selecting themes, creating rules and regulations for classes to follow for the week, enforcing building regulations, signing in building volunteers, and planning the Homecoming court coronation. The commission also plans the week-long spirit events in the spring. This includes daily spirit dress-up days and Powderpuff football games.

Rally Commission

Allison Borch

David Berkowitz Sklar

Nolan Chao

Will Turpin

Alex Metz

Sasha Pickard

Risa Carter

Payton Stokes

The Rally Commission organizes and puts on school rallies to promote school spirit. The commission usually has four to five rallies throughout the year. The commission begins planning at least three weeks before each rally and spends the night prior to the rally decorating the gym.

Spirit/Athletics Commission

Madison Hartman

Natalie Tarbox

Kami Cheatham

Jennah El-Ashmawi

The Spirit/Athletics Commission works to raise school spirit through leading rally tailgates,  decorating of the quad, and spreading Red Pride Merchandise. The commission also organizes face painting prior to football games and publicizes sporting events.

Outreach Commission

Stacey Chen

Sahana Sarin

Soumya Nimmu

Bradley Oh

Rohan Rao

Sally Kim

The Outreach commission works on events that benefit student and campus life, such as Speak Up For Change, CBI Socials, and Community Service Projects. The Outreach commission works on spreading powerful ideas throughout the campus such as cultural diversity and stress relief. The outreach commission is also responsible for Elections, the new student BBQ, and Teacher of the Semester.

How do I join a commission?

If you are interested in joining Saratoga Leadership Commissions, fill out the form below, submit to the office, and you’re set to interview for the commission! Talk to an ASB Officer or a commissioner from the commission you are interested in for more information on the specific commission you wish to join. The applications are not open year round, only around the time when the new leadership class is being made, which around April.